QUESTION : These are the places I want to explore: I don't know the order I should have them as ....


I could do 2 or 3 days of exploring these places by bus & then back to Bangkok by bus...

- Wat Ban Rai - amazing and very colorful Wat!

- Phimai Historical Park

- Dan Kwian Village -- Great variety of pottery & other crafts

- Silk products and crafts from Pak Thong Chai, & interesting food

I'd need to be able to provide baht to the bus drivers as I go from one place to another, and have Thai information written down ahead of time for each of the buses and hotel.

Any thoughts from others? Too bad I don't know Thai...

(By the way, this would be in the last week of October.)


ANSWER: Self drive is the way to go in Isan (NE). Especially since your attractions are spread out a bit. Since Phimai is on your list, you may want to make the extra effort for Phanom Rung HP.

A stop along the river, Nakhon Phanom and That Phanom is also recommended since in the area, if having the time.

If going the bus route, do make sure you do your research, and as you already have, lots of info in Thai script, as English is limited.



Interstate bus only gets you to the bus terminal.

From there, you can try to get a private hire or pick-up truck or taxi. There will be some modes of travel available. Just go with your gut feel and book one at a price that you can afford.



For Phimai I used a bus from Bangkok to Korat, then another bus from there to Phimai.

Near Korat is the Ban Prasat Archeology Site.

Can't help you with the other 2 places.

Good luck.



It would be quite uncomfortable Journeys in a baht bus however there are plenty of Taxi meters from The Mall and other places now.

Dan kwian is not far.

But other places you mentioned are.

I would suggest for Phimai that it might be worth staying overnight in a local hotel like the Phimai inn which has a swimming pool. You can get that very easily by local bus from Central korat.

As already said it might be easier to rent a car but if you feel this is not possible then you might have to rethink your plan.



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